Savvy Greens is an award-winning sustainability solutions provider focused on contributing towards the global Net-Zero Goals. We combine deep domain knowledge of green buildings and extensive advisory expertise to help create homes, business hubs, manufacturing facilities, and large-scale built spaces, championing sustainable business practices that are both environmentally and people-friendly.
Be it architects, property developers, town planners or corporate enterprises – when it comes to embedding sustainability in their buildings, Savvy Greens is the name they trust.
Savvy Greens has been part of 250+ projects, ranging from residential buildings and business hubs to school campuses and places of worship.
We envisage transforming the way spaces are designed to enable an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment for people to live in.
To deliver sustainable solutions for the built environment that align with your corporate goals to propel your business towards productivity and profitability.
Originated from a real estate developer group, we are equipped with the experience to understand client perspectives. We work with clients to understand their needs and then provide the best fit solution according to the project.
All Sustainability
Consulting Needs Under One Roof
Whether it is applying for green building certification, finalising your net-zero roadmap, conducting an environmental audit for your structure, or choosing the right framework for sustainability reporting - our multitude of services under one roof saves you the hassle of coordinating with multiple agencies and helps you get more done, faster.
Make Your
Buildings Future-fit
Our journey doesn't end at just certification. Our multifaceted team helps formulate a comprehensive masterplan based on site-level analysis, detailed energy modelling and building simulation. We also offer relevant services like LCA, Auditing & Commissioning to enable proper Operations & Management.
Meets Exuberance
Our young, dynamic team, supported by experienced stalwarts like Mr. Sameer Sinha, conducts all simulations in-house and provides in-depth consultancy for different types of certifications.
Be Ahead of the
Regulatory Curve
Get the first-mover advantage by partnering with the ones in the know. We are actively involved in the development of rating systems and implementation of the government's green building policies.
More than 15 years ago, before 'sustainability' and 'ESG' gained so much currency in the corporate world, Savvy Group understood the importance of sustainable buildings in the real estate sector. From this deep understanding emerged Savvy Greens in 2007 as an in-house green building consultancy for Savvy Group – one of the first in Gujarat. Today, Savvy Greens has evolved into an independent sustainability consultancy firm with many successful projects and satisfied clients.
Savvy Greens is spearheaded by its directors - Sameer Sinha, Jaxay Shah and Jigish Shah.
Sameer Sinha
- Founder & MD
Savvy Infrastructures Pvt. Limited
Jaxay Shah
- Founder & MD
Savvy Infrastructures Pvt. Limited
Jigish Shah
- Founder & MD
Savvy Infrastructures Pvt. Limited
Mr. Sameer Sinha has always been passionate about sustainability and the role of buildings in ensuring that human development and natural ecosystems can coexist and thrive together. He was instrumental in establishing Savvy Greens in 2007 as one of the first companies to take up the cause of green construction and consultation in Gujarat. His tremendous expertise and guidance enable Savvy Greens to provide services that are not just environmentally friendly but also people-centric and cost-effective.
As Chairman of CII-IGBC (Ahmedabad) and Member of the National Executive Council, IGBC, Mr. Sameer Sinha spearheads the Green Building movement in India and beyond. He is regularly invited to industry conventions and conclaves where he speaks extensively about the future of construction and its importance in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. His ambassadorship helps Savvy Greens become a name to reckon with nationally and internationally.
“Green Building is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity. As our population explodes, the exploitation of natural resources for building habitat and infrastructure needs to be contained through adaptation of Green Building Innovations.”
While our directors provide the vision, our team strives to achieve it. Savvy Greens has an experienced team of consultants who work in collaboration with clients to guide them on the right green building technology and implement it on the ground. The team also advocates green building practices on multiple regional and national platforms.
Ruchi Gandhi
Principal Analyst
Over the years, our consultancy efforts have resulted in several industry-firsts on the regional and national stage. Not one to rest on our laurels, we constantly evolve to remain in sync with the fast-changing requirements of emerging markets and regulatory bodies.
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